The ✌️ stands for victory...

...victory through values.

Welcome to Dos Dedos, a values-focused practice that understands that values are the key to victory in every part of your business.

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This is because your values in business (just like in your personal life) enable people to decide if they like you.


By first articulating the authentic values of your business, and then ensuring they are understood, lived and breathed at every level (by everyone), Dos Dedos will ensure you win by standing out in an ever-crowded marketplace.


Put me to the test. Pay me for 1 day and I will show you 5 ways where a lack of values is costing or losing your business money.

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Stuart's track record speaks volumes, and his breadth of knowledge across C-suite roles has very few peers. He is a person with the highest of integrity, and breeds positivity.

James Welch - Chief Innovation Officer

Embryo Digital