How to achieve  victory through values ✌️

How do you begin?

1st. Relax.

I'm vastly experienced at unearthing, distilling and defining the values of even the most complex organisations.

2nd. Trust the process.

Over the last two decades I've fine-tuned my process to these 4 simple and unique steps…


  1. Honesty
    By interviewing or surveying your team / customers / suppliers, I can begin to get an honest picture of what the received or perceived values of your business are.

  2. Peace
    The insights I’ve gathered will bring peace by giving clear understanding of any issues.
    Distilling these insights will inform a new set of values.
    Or highlight a lack of congruence between your believed values and current behaviours.

    Either way, we will have sight of any issues and we can agree the best metrics to use to measure their improvement.

  3. Clarity
    We now know the lay of the land and the size and scope of the project.

    Which means we have the clarity to choose 5 areas to focus on over the next 100 days to bring the highest impact to your organisation.
    These areas will either close the gap between your existing values, or provide a ‘You said, we did’ platform for revised values.

  4. Victory
    The success we achieve together will be visible in the metrics and how our chosen initiatives have moved the needle.
    During the Clarity and Victory stages, I will work with you and support you to implement the changes.
    This could see me leading on one or all of the areas, or coaching and mentoring your team to make the change happen themselves.

By following my unique 4-step process, I can help you to do something that you can’t do yourself!

These four stages are the bedrock of everything I do at Dos Dedos, and they will revolutionise the way you approach corporate values, team engagement and customer loyalty.